Susanne is learning her 4th language!

Susanne, originally from Germany,  lived in Brazil for some years where she learned Portuguese. Now that she lives in Miami, she has decided to study Spanish to make her life easier, to better enjoy travelling and to improve communication with her LATAM clients. 

I want to learn Spanish as I love the Hispanic culture, the people and the food :) it feels so good if you can finally order your jugo de guanábana in your favourite Peruvian restaurant.

After a few classes,  she was able to start using Spanish in her daily life in Miami, and she also started writing short sentences in her emails to her clients. After a year of regular classes and homework, she is able to send full emails to her clients, attend meetings in Spanish, and she is also able to communicate when she travels to Hispanic countries. Now we are working on conversations in different tenses and improving her Spanish accent.

Let's see how Susanne deals with the letter G in this riddle:


I love listening to Latino Music and being able to understand the lyrics
If you were thinking about learning a new language for work or because you are tired of not understanding your co-workers or the people of your building, contact us and we’ll advice you on your best learning options.