Vamos de Spanish Hangout Happy Hour !

Barceloneta, Miami Beach Restaurant

Barceloneta, Miami Beach Restaurant

Hola chic@s, 

It's great to finally invite you to the first Spanish Hangout HH in Miami Beach!

As requested by some of some of my students, and after listening many times to how hard it is to make friends in Miami, I think it would be a great idea to get together!       It will be fun to get to know new people who share the same interest in learning Spanish. 

If you know a little of the culture of Spain, you may know we love to share food, wine with endless talking. If you'd enjoy doing that in Miami Beach,  We are planning to meet on February 9th at Barceloneta Restaurant in Miami Beach, please rsvp by clicking on this link : 


Event is over but you can check out great pictures at: