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Hola chicos y chicas, 

I'm happy to announce the first Spanish Hangout Newsletter, I hope you like it:

        SPANISH HANGOUT                  April 2017  


               April 2017 

NEW! SPH Intro for Beginners                                          SPH Advanced Beginners

4-Week (April 19th to May 17th)                                        1- Week -Jump in! 

Mo & Wed 6-8pm                                                               Tuesdays 10:15-11:45am

at SPH 429 Lenox Ave                                                       at SPH 429 Lenox Ave




Great for students who want to start learning          Ideal for students who can have a basic 

Spanish on a very conversational way.                      conversation. If you want to learn more 

Speak Spanish from first class!                                  expressions, vocabulary and speak Spanish

Minimum of 4 students max 6.                                  better and easier. This is your choice!

Online Registration is required                                  Please note! level assessment is required

Danielle's Story with the Spanish...


Danielle moved to Miami from Kansas city where she not only found an Argentinian love but a new language to embrace better a new culture.  Don't miss her story and her beautiful Argentinian accent , here you have Danielle's interview with the founder of Spanish Hangout  at our location in Miami Beach:


SPH Express Advanced Beginners                             SPH Pre-Intermediate Course

3-Week (April 14th-May 5th)                                      2-Week -Jump in! 

Mo-Wed-Fri 12pm-2pm                                               Tues-Thurs 12:30pm-2pm

at SPH Lincoln Road                                                   at SPH Lincoln Road



Great for students who know some Spanish             Ideal for students who can have a basic 

If you want to excel your conversation skills             conversation. If you want to explore more 

gain vocabulary and useful expressions in a             tenses, vocabulary & start to express yourself

short time, this is your course!                                   better and easier in Spanish.

Please note! It requires a level assessment                This is your choice!

                                                                                    Please note! It requires a level assessment 


                                                    SPH Intermediate Conversational

                                                               1-Week- Jump in!

                                                                Wed 5-6:30pm                  

                                                             at SPH Lincoln Road   


Take your Spanish to the next level with this conversation group! 

Please note!  Assessment level is required