How Anastasia Valeeva became advanced in Spanish

Anastasia , originally from Russia, was one of those students who had a mixed Spanish level when she moved to Miami from New York. She told me she wasn't able to put sentences together and speaking in Spanish was tough for her. 

She decided to take private classes with me. After dedicating some time and effort, now she is at the Advanced Intermediate level.

Although she had some difficulties with the Spanish tenses, she overcame them and nowadays she feels more comfortable Ubering in Spanish and having conversations in Spanish.

I decided to improve my Spanish because I knew that if I were fluent in Spanish in Miami, I would be able to make more friends and have an easier life here.
— Anastasia Valeeva

Who said that "RRRR" is difficult in Spanish? 

If you were thinking to level up your Spanish or refreshing your Spanish, take this placement test to see where your Spanish is now.